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'Hidden Treasures & Donation Center.'

Browse, shop, relax in our lounge and enjoy some snacks and coffee.

Our new address is:

1736 Front St., Yorktown, NY 10598



Remember that your all purchases go to help us help members of our community!

- We need your continued support with clothing donations. Let your friends and family know about us and how we pass on the help you give us.


Yorktown Love In Action Inc. (YLIA) is a non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable organization, under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Our mission is to assist those families who have been stricken with some unforeseen circumstance; such as: illness, injury, fire, flood, abuse, etc.


We are here to help our families, our friends, our community.


Please help support the cost of the new donation center so we can continue to do amazing things for our community.

You can make donations thru

at the following link:

We are in need of a few supplies for the donation center. Please see our Amazon Wish list at the following link:

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We need a volunteer to plow the parking lot at the donation center. It is a flat 50 by 70 area. Contact Donna if you are able to help at (914) 490-3966

Volunteers needed to help with our new addition

"Dwell Coffee House"  Saturdays 7 - 11 pm

our love

YLIA was formed by love; and it'll be through love that we will be guided to help others. Let us, who are more fortunate, help those that have stumbled in life, be it as a result of sickness, death, injury, abuse, separation, acts of nature or any other cause beyond their control. Let us not be so selfish and self-centered as to forget our neighbors, our friends, our family. Suffering takes many forms. There are those blessed, talented individuals who repair our bodies and our minds. We are here to help repair their financial and emotional despair. What greater joy and satisfaction is there, than to help another human being; to relieve them from their pain and heartache; to see a child smile?

their hope

A family begins their journey with us, by seeking financial help, but along the way, much more happens. Most are working but are not able to make ends meet. They are at the depths of despair, with nowhere to turn. Children are in need of clothing and food. Their utilities are being turned off. The system does not and cannot assist them, or help them enough. They find compassion, solace and love in YLIA. They participate in YLIA fund raisers and activities, many times meeting those very neighbors that are helping them. Their self respect returns, that feeling of worth and belonging is once again rejuvenated.

faith in others

Love is the conduit;

Hope is the goal but

Faith is the source.

Without Sponsors, Contributors and Donors, YLIA will not thrive and succeed. You provide the fuel by which the engine will run. Your Faith has no limits. Get to meet your neighbors, whose lives you are helping and changing. See the glowing smiles on the children's faces. Let them express their gratitude to you. Feel a sense of community.

The greater your faith, the more families have hope, that we can show our love.

We are committed to sharing Love

through small acts of kindness

Come to our Donation center in Yorktown to find lots of great items available for a reasonable donation

1736 Front St.,

Yorktown, NY 10598

Sun 12-5 pm, Mon​​​ - Sat 10 am-6 pm

Contact Info:

Donna Simone

 (914) 490-3966

Mailing Address:

PO Box 173

Jefferson Valley, NY 10535


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General Donation

No pets in donation center please

We are a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax deductible.

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